Grain mill ideas from around the world where alternative power mechanisms are used to mill the flour.

Motorized mills which have exposed belt drives as these are unsafe, especially for our children.

Here are some mill ideas to consider.

10 creative ideas for powering grain mills

1. Cycle powered mill with flexidrive

2. Electric powered mill

3. Mill powered by hand-held power drill

4. Water powered grain mill

5. Another water powered grain mill

6. Bicycle pedal power drive

7. Bicycle pedal power Universal machine

8. Cycle powered grain mill

9. Modified Rebekah Mill

For all you who bought a Rebekah Mill I have great news. You can power your hand-mill with an electric drill, pedal power or with a 2nd hand washing machine motor. Here’s how it’s done.

Remove the handle

The mill below has the exact same drive.

10. Exercycle Pedal power Grain Mill

This is my favourite. Works when there’s no power. Way easier than hand power. I am making one and have bought a used Exercycle for NZD $20 from the recycle shop.

Photo credits

1. Feature photo of grain milled into a bowl by Susy Morris,