Extending Our Growing Season

I believe that every house, South of Auckland, New Zealand, should have such a garden. Bold statement yet it would create self-reliance to nearly 2.8 million people.

You man not be from New Zealand, but for those who are, if you live south of Auckland, you would be at a great advantage to have a small garden under plastic. I can see that every home south of Auckland could have one. A hoop house would be most practical. In Southland and Otago, you may prefer the design in the video below. I know you are not in Bolivia. The principles remain the same. Make a 3 degree difference and grow a lot more over a longer growing period. Watch this video on how they make them in Bolivia and think how good they would be south of Auckland.

Small greenhouses are essential to our self-reliance

In New Zealand it is uncommon to be self reliant in the cold months. People rely on store-bought vegetables. This would be overcome if we all established a small year-round garden with pipe-drip irrigation. I am building another one now just west of Hamilton. We need them in every home south of Auckland where cold winter months prevent vegetables from growing.

What is done in India, we can do here. We have the ability and resources. Only the polythene needs to be bought new from Permathene Plastics in Auckland (or similar store). Everything else can be resourcefully acquired from recycle centers.

You can read more on constructing solar greenhouses in Kyrgystan here.