Rotate your emergency food annually.

Either eat it at home, on family camps, give it to the youth to use on camps or donate it to a food bank.

Even if the food has a long shelf-life, it is a good routine to plan to use it all within a year and replace it. Then you will know how to use your food. Your food will be fresh for when you need it.

Daddy-daughter dates can be fun ways to rotate the food in your 72 hour packs.
This will keep your food fresh.

Pitch your tent with your children. Use up the oldest food first.
Even if the food expiry date is way in the future, it is still a good
to rotate your food by using it. Show the children how to use their 72 hour packs.

We let our children be responsible for their own food.

They can prepare their own meals, with a little help from Dad.

It tastes better if they feel they own it and have cooked it themselves.

Parents need to make the time to play with kids with no rush.

These Backcountry food packs can be ordered here.
They are tasty and easy to prepare, even for little children.

The children can cook on their solid fuel cookers.

Plan a camp now to use up and rotate your food. Every camp I’ve been on I have learned how to pack better.

When I camp, I learn what I need to bring next time.