There is an hour that comes silently to all of us. It is a gift. In our family we call it The Miracle Hour.

All the plants and animals know of this hour. They are awake and working in it, birds singing and cattle lowing.

Half an hour before the sun rises till half an hour after it has risen in the sky is a miracle hour. It is when our minds are clear and fresh. The world is new again.

The miracle hour is a wonderful time to work in the garden, to place weeds on the path to dry out later in the day.

It is a time to work before the heat of the day makes it uncomfortable. Our hens are up working too. The rooster crowing.

While others sleep, we can learn from the animals and use the miracle hour in our lives. In the rain and cold we can use this Miracle Hour to study or search the scriptures. To learn, meditate and pray. Often, even in solid rain, it seems that God opens a window without rain in the Miracle Hour, sometimes just minutes when we can briefly tend and cultivate our vegetable gardens.

The Miracle hour is a personal time that we can enjoy. It also comes again at sunset, the best time to water our gardens so they can soak for the night.