See this water storage exhibition where water is stored in many different ways.

Visit a remote NZ west-coast beach group of baches.
New Zealand baches show a wide display of tank water storage.

Visit a remote NZ west-coast beach to learn about tank water storage options.

From very low cost systems to latest water tank storage, bach water systems are highly visible from the footpath. Its a great place to get ideas.

All the way up the New Zealand coast, Kiwis are storing and using water. Here are few ways different people are storing water in New Zealand.

Some use tanks large and small. Made of concrete, fibreglass, corrugated iron and plastic.

The inlet pipe does not need to come down from above as in this corrugated iron tank. It can go underground and use water pressure to force the water in the pipes up to the top of the tank.

If the tank is directly next to the downpipe this makes sense.

Some people use two small tanks. They use tanks made of different materials.

Above: a fibreglass tank. Below: a plastic tank.

These are all quite large tanks and will supply water for several weeks or months.

Some tanks can look quite nice.

They can be hidden behind buildings or plants to keep the water cool.

Header tanks on the roof are uncommon now as small pressure pumps are less expensive and very good at keep water pressure constant.

For more large water storage ideas, I recommend you visit a small west coast beach settlement anywhere off the main track in New Zealand.


1. All photos were taken at a remote New Zealand west coast beach 2010.