These advantages of raised bed gardening are for you, your plants and your littlies.

Children are less likely to stand on your garden, more likely to help. They’ll see the boundaries.

For the garden; reduced soil compaction, increased productivity in the same area, better draining and soil fertility can be controlled more efficiently.

For me; I like the comfort of sitting or crouching low while I’m tending plants. It’s kind on my knees and back. Raised garden beds bring our gardens closer to us and we can do our gardening from the comfort of the garden path. No more bending over to pull weeds or trim plants. Sit on a stool or put a movable seat board between the gardens. 1 Share

Take a look at our raised garden

Building a raised garden is fun and easy. Make your own pegs as shown below. Ideas from Hank and Jenny’s family garden.

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Your raised edges do not have to be perfect to grow big veges.

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Pitsand on the paths makes weeding the paths easy as weeds are lose.

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This peg is off a cherry branch. I make all my own pegs. They cost nothing and can look natural.

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I don’t buy timber edging new. I get old used timber planks or anything to hold up the soil.

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Compost in garden. Used rotten timber edge. Pegs chainsawed from old branches.

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A trailor load of pitsand covers a lot of path area.

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Use long pegs for higher raised gardens. Pit-sand paths. Compost is used as mulch, placed over small weeds. Weeding drops to less than 10% when you regularly drop compost around your plants.

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Old plywood garden edging. I use whatever I can find.

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A closer look at the peg tapped low so the garden hose does not catch on it.

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Weeds are thrown onto the pitsand to dry and die in the sun. Then collected. The pitsand paths can be raked.


Raised bed gardens are easy to work in because you can sit down on the job

Dave shows how to build a raised bed garden

Garden ramble

Enjoy a garden ramble with George, who lives in our equal climate in the northern hemisphere, so what he has done up there, we can apply down here in NZ.

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More than just boxes, shape your garden as an interesting playground for littlies.