One really good way to get parents motivated to build gardens is to hold a primary activity where the little children need to bring along their fathers.

With building materials ready-cut to size, each father helps their child to build a box garden.

They take home the box garden, with soil and seeds all planted by the child. There was also cake and orange drink to keep everyone happy.

Our Primary held a most effective welfare activity. The children each brought their own father, grandfather or hometeacher, to help them. Dads had to bring a hammer. Fathers helped their children build garden boxes with pre-sawed timber already cut to length by Brother Smith. Nails, potting mix and plants were provided. Each child was helped by their father to nail the planter box together.

A trailer load of garden mix was there to use. Children filled their new planter boxes with garden mix from the Hamilton Organic Recycle Center.

Primary children build planter boxes and plant veges at fun primary activity.

Wooden garden labels were hammered together and then painted rather artistically by the children. Then the children sang “I am a builder” to all the fathers. It was wonderful. The following Sunday all us Dads were given a Father’s Day card made by our children in primary. Inside each card was a photo of us building the planter box with our child. Wow!

Like to run this activity in your ward or branch? Use this Free Download of the Primary activity created by Sister Smith, our Ward Primary President. Use it in your ward primary.