How to use recycled materials to irrigate your vegetable garden. I use old plant pots (the plastic pots that plants in which plants are sold).

I have used drip irrigation using pots with holes in them for the past two summers. This has worked well for us. In the winter I collect in all the pots which stack inside each other compactly until spring.

In spring, I space my plants closely around irrigation pot. Plant location and spacing is determined by the pot rather than rows or areas. I shallowly partly bury a pot them plant 3 or 4 plants around it. Then I place the next pot very near and repeat the planting process.

I partly bury the pot. Then I add some sand or soil to slow the flow. This means I can water in less time, leave more water per plant and use liquid nutrient instead of just water.

I make my own compost tea for the plants. Home made liquid fertilizer is added to the bucket of water for irrigation.

Standing Water and Mosquitoes

Water normally drains within 40 minutes. If your pots takes a day to drain, that’s fine. If draining take more than a day, the holes are too small. Entomoloogist Joe Ballenger said:
“Mosquito eggs take longer than 24 hours to hatch. Their larvae, under optimal conditions, take about a week to turn into adults. So water that’s standing for a few days isn’t an issue, so long as it gets emptied out at least once a week. Hope this helps!”

-Joe Ballenger