Photo & illustration credits


1. Photo of round vegetables (so clear and good photo) by Franie Frou Frou

2. Chicks by Susy Morris at Chiot’s Run at

3. Pig by Susy Morris at Chiott’s Run at

Thank you Susy for sharing your wonderful images. See all her great photos on

0. Seedlings photo by Susy Morris of ChoitsRun Thanks Susy for this outstanding photo.


The beautiful photos in the heading slider where all taken by Susy Morris. Thank you Susy for sharing your lifestyle and wonderful images. See more of Susy’s photos at

1. Grain mill by Sarah Gilbert;

2. Bottled tomatoes by Graibeard;

3. Artful fabric by Kellyhogaboom;

4. Green asparagus plant by Joshme17;

5. Emergency flashlight by Marufish;

6. Country Life Sunflower and Liniseed Gluten-Free bread by Vanessa Pike-Russell

Growing in containers

Growing in containers

One of our readers, Beverley in Baja Mexico, sent in this photo and the following ideas: I live in Baja Mexico and we have water issues here and heavy duty sun so I am thinking this system will be a great way to keep my plants moist without losing a lot of water....



These testimonials are here as references for you. This may make it more comfortable for you to know others have been happy with their grain mills. You may contact me for a referee if you wish. [testimonial company="Auckland, NZ." author="Mike & Kelly Moth"...