If you have no other priorities, consider giving a little food in a package to your local food-bank.

Within our reach we have the hungry, oppressed and the needy. Some have earthquake or flood calamities. Most have economic stress and uncertainty.

If we have food, surely we can give. Then on Monday, when the food-bank opens, deliver your parcel to the food bank.

You may have many priorities. After all, it’s Christmas. Weigh up your priorities and if, in a calm and peaceful moment, you can find time, share that which you have spare.

More on how to give food ...

Most community food-banks will open on Monday. Google your local food bank; Find out their hours; Deliver your food parcel to the food-bank when it is open.

Rotate food

Rotate your food storage today. Give older food that is still good to the food-bank. Better that someone use it than it wastes away. Replace your food with fresh food.

Emergency Food

Businesses that have emergency food, please give all your food to the food-bank. Replenish your emergency stock in January.

Giving Grain

If you are donating whole grain, package grain in to small 300 gram sized bags with instructions on how to use. The cooking instructions on paper can be also use as a label for your package if it is a clear plastic bag.