Download NoSplash NoCrash, the basic XL spreadsheet to work out your NZ family budget.

It’s open source so you can modify it as much as you like.

This is an easy budget spreadsheet already made for your family.

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It is small, just 114 KB

Includes most home and family categories

Is a cash-flow forecast

Useful to budget ahead

Includes Tithing

Will always be totally free

Helps you avoid debt

Version 1.1.0 with Instructions

Download NoSplash NoCrash.

Then save it to your drive before you enter your expenses. Project possible financial scenarios for your family using this simple-to-use cashflow forcast. Prerequisites: Microsoft XL.

Until you save the XL file on your computer, it will be read-only.

  • 1. Download the file
  • 2. Save the file to your hard drive
  • 3. Enter data

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