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Micro hydro generator

Consider ways to increase self reliance and reduce your power bill by using alternative means of powering appliances. The efficiency of most micro-hydro generators ranges from 30–70%. They are viable as small-scale electricity generators that can provide electricity...

Save power with a hay-box-cooker

Hay-box cookers are insulated boxes. They have no heat source. They retain initial heat for a long time and the food cooks. While hay was used in days past, you might like to try using a large Esky i.e cooler, two small pots that fit inside it, and a few small...

12 tips on how to spend in a recession

During an economic recession we might feel unsure of what is best to spend our money on. It seems that what has applied in the past has somehow changed. At a time when we need to know with greatest clarity how to manage our money, we feel uncertain. May I suggest...

How to store food

Learn how to store grain using CO2.


Being prepared is a way of life. Learn what you need to do to be prepared with the basics.

Keep a kitchen garden

Grow your food and store a little every day through the harvest season.

Frugal Abundance

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.