I’m Hank Ensing, caretaker of this site. As children of God, we can choose to be motivated by faith and not fear. We can look forward with optimism; We can prepare in obedience and faith; We can live in great hope of a good outcome to all our work. This is my philosophy and I offer it to all who visit this site.

Look forward with optimism

We can work to live sustainably in faith as we prepare to meet future challenges which will surely come to many, if not to all of us. If disaster meets our neighbour instead of us, we will be in a position to share all we have to sustain them and serve them. Let our motives for preparing be to serve others rather than self-preservation. We can act faithfully on a call to our duty to protect and provide for all within our reach.

Living sustainably is more a way of life than an event. This is a philosophy of always being prepared for calamities, natural disasters, economic recessions or whatever comes our way. “Come what may and love it”, all these things will come to pass.

The mission is to share ideas and specialist knowledge about living abundantly, sustainably and resourcefully in New Zealand and of serving others until they become self reliant.

New Zealand is roughly midway between Antarctica and the tropics, lying between 34° and 47° latitude south. We range from subtropical northern outlying islands to southerly subantarctic. Between these extremes, our people in New Zealand need education, resources and ideas on food storage, growing gardens, water storage, emergency preparedness and spiritual preparedness.

Be faithful. Be optimistic. Follow the counsel of living prophets of God.

Contributing authors are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes known as Mormons) throughout New Zealand who have specialist expertise to share.

Posts are the words of individuals and are not official comments of the Church.

Members of the Church who are authors and experts on this website speak for themselves and their comments should not be received as those of the Church.

As the site caretaker, I will check your replies and posts to this website before any feedback will go live. I usually check posts every few days.

I take personal responsibility for any errors that may appear on this site and ask all to contact me to correct any errors I might make that they may be quickly corrected.

Hank Ensing.