Discover this work-saving way to keep laying hens.
Make an automated waterer to supply drinking water to your hens at all times.

Looking after laying hens can be fun as well as provide you with fresh eggs all the time. We keep 6 hens.
Automating water supply is always a good idea for hen care.

Hens need food and water constantly

We made this automatic hen waterer to enable us to go out from time to time.

It saves the routine filling job each day.

Photo Credit

1. Feature Hen photo from youasamachine at

How much do hens drink?

In moderate weather a hen may drink a pint of water a day. In hot weather, that amount nearly doubles. Broilers may drink even more as their metabolism works much harder, producing more heat and using more water.

Birds roaming freely may drink more or less than confined birds, depending on the moisture content of the food they consume and how active they are.

Here is another one where you can see the lever mechanism clearly.

References & photo credits

1. Photo of hen’s head by Chris Sgaraglino; 24/11/2011.