Its not all about you. Choosing your career is not all about you. Its about service. Its finding a way you can best serve others with the work of your life. What others need, what is needed in your community, what is in short supply in your country, all are about your choice of career and life’s work.

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Certainly education pays off. But which courses of study? Education in some trades have a higher ROI success rate.

Before diving into university and studying your passion, you might want to consider the investment.

It might be the biggest investment you make in your life. And it will be hard work. So approach it as an investment to see how it stacks up.

student 1First, acquire some current numbers on what the job market is looking like for recent graduates who have completed the same course of study. Are these graduates employed in the job for which they are trained? Or are they in a low paid job trying to pay off their student debt?

I recommend you read this article in the Economist before enrolling for University.

At you can take a quick look at how likely it is that you will land a job after you graduate. With education being an industry itself, many education providers are promoting their courses and degree programs when in reality there is a low chance of those who graduate being able to find a job.

Choose wisely. Take sufficient time. Create a list of ten possible jobs you could do. See which jobs have the most promising outlook. If it is a poor outlook, look to another job and another qualification.

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Keep your student debt down

Once you have found a job you like and it is likely that you will gain employment when you graduate in 3 years, be resourceful to see how you can keep the debt low.
What can you work at while studying concurrently?

A big choice

Your course of study is a big choice. Aim for the best, i.e. a trade or diploma or degree qualification for which there is a strong need. Take your time. Do your homework. This is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Begin with the end in mind. By carefully studying the demand for the job you choose you can avoid getting into debt for a qualification for which there are poor job prospects.

Its not about you. Its about how you can best serve. Even your education is service to others. Find a good fit – a place of service which serves others and lifts and inspires you too. There is a lot of need. So just make a choice then serve.