The SAMAP hand mill is worth considering as your flour mill for times when there’s no electricity.

In such times it would be great to have the choice to pedal-power your mill.

The limitation of this grain mill is that I have not seen a way to operate it by pedal-power.


Base diameter: 28 cm
Height: 35 cm
Weight: 8.75 kg
Guarantee: 5 years
Output: variable: 30 to 80 g/minute
(about 60 g/minute for fine flour for bread or 4 minutes per cup)
(about 1 minute per half cup (1 serving) of oat flakes)

Note that this output depends on:
a.- the fineness setting (gap between stones)
b.- the type of cereal grain (buckwheat is soft, wheat is tough)
c.- the adjustment of the feed into the milling chamber
d.- the speed of rotation (this depends on you, dear reader!)
e.- the moisture content of the grain. Less energy is required
for dry grain (stored in a dry place or kept dry) than for
grain with higher humidity content

Low moisture test: place a grain on a hard surface and try to cut it in half with a knife by pressing firmly. If the 2 halves jump away, then the moisture content is reasonably low.