Taking a bucket bath is simple. After an earthquake water will be scarce. With all the hard physical work of cleaning up you’ll need a bath each day. This is how to take a great bath with only 10 litres of water in a bucket.

It’s not fun to take a bucket bath when the air is cold. Bathe when it is warm.

In summer, capture your used bathwater for watering your garden.

If your bath plumbing is still working, you can enjoy your bucket bath in the bath tub or showerbox.

If the plumbing fails as is common after an earthquake, then bathe outside in a discrete place. You might bathe in a tent or behind a tarp.

Steps to bathe

1. Fill a bucket with water. Warm is nicer.

2. Sit on a child’s plastic step next to your bucket of water.

3. Using a small bowl, pour a little water over you.

4. Add soap or shampoo and clean yourself without extra water for a minute or two.

5. Use the remaining water to wash away all traces of soap and shampoo from your hair and body.

Take a bucket bath once a year

Children and teens may learn best by having a bucket bath each year. One 10 litre bucket is usually enough water, however, people with long hair may need more water to wash their hair.

Bucket bathing is a most efficient way to bathe when water is scarce. In our house, our water comes from a well and rainwater tanks. We have a large electric pump to provide water pressure. Recently our pump broke down and we relied on bucket baths for five days.