You can have your New Zealand wheat delivered to your home by courier. Have your containers ready.

Put your wheat into containers on the same day it arrives at your home.

Have your storage containers ready before you order new wheat. Immediately store your wheat in your clean containers when your wheat arrives by courier. Mice and weevil may contaminate wheat left unprotected even for a brief time.

North Island Suppliers

Chantal Organic Wholesalers Ltd. Contact: John French, 13 Northe Street, Napier, North Island, NZ. (06) 835 2562

South Island Suppliers

New Zealand Bio-Grains Ltd, 35 Dobson Street West, Ashburton.

Store wheat in Space-savers

NZ wheat stores well in CO2 in used 15 Litre pails called space-savers. You can get used clean ones from bakeries all across NZ. Waikato cakes in Kihikihi sell them for $2 each.

Rodent proof

Buy wheat in 25kg bags then store it yourself. You can store it yourself in CO2 or in vacuum packs and then in suitable rodent resistant containers. Have your containers ready before ordering grain.


1. Macro photo of wheat by Hank.
2. Photo of mouse by pshab; 25 Sep 2011.