Here is a low-cost design for home garden irrigation. I am always looking for a better system to conserve my time and water, and this looks very good.

PVC pipes can be collected from the recycle shop. Buy one or two when you find them at the recycle center. Collect them till you have six PVC pipes. They do not need to be bought new but best to be the same diameter. No glue is used as it is low pressure.  Download plans for a PVC irrigation system here.


Design a basic PVC drip irrigation for your garden. There is a Youtube video and a PDF file you should look at.

Also, you should read this PDF document on drip irrigation for home gardens. It is different.

PDF document for home gardeners.

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“New for ’09 – 3×32′ raised bed with dedicated irrigation circuit. (Craigs List lumber score!) A buddy gave me a zillion feet of drip-type emitter hose to irrigate it but that was a total pain. Had a mind of its own about where to go. The soil is so loose it would have taken more garden staples than I wanted to deal with to hold it down. In the end I just drilled 3/32″ holes every 12″ in some 1/2″ PVC (as per tomato-guru Charles H. Wilber –RIP).”