“Home baking is not that hard, not that time consuming, and certainly cheap! You don’t need a bread machine or a lot of fancy equipment.

This blog features a tutorial on home bread baking, tips on equipment and ingredients, and recipes for real home cooking.” 1.

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Sourdough Starter

Make your own Sourdough Starter from scratch and Sourdough Bread so you never have to buy yeast again.

Photo by Niklas Pivic.


Zippy’s Date Loaf

Learn how to make date loaf with whole-meal flour in just a few minutes. This is an easy step-by-step lesson in breadmaking using a second-hand breadmaker. Learn more …

microgardenRewena with Sister Smiler

How to make Rewena Bread using the Rewena yeast you have prepared. All about rewena bread making and where to get rewena.
See more on how to do this …

Try making sprouted Manna Bread from your wheat if you don’t have a grain mill. Learn how to make it here.

Making your own bread can be healthy for your family. You can choose what you put into it. You can choose to add grains and seeds. You may even mill your own flour from a variety of grains. I use a bread-maker to the rest.


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2. Feature photo of home-bake bread by Guanatos Gwyn.