Education is most important for our youth. It increases self-reliance. Higher education often means better providing.

Helping youth keep focused can be made easier. Here are three ideas to improve your child’s education.

Use tools to keep your family focus on education

2 Ideas for setting boundaries on internet use at home

1. Time limits

In our family we use software to place time limits on family members use of FaceBook, games sites, and internet use.

A family can come to an agreement about when social media can be used, for how long and which sites.

Each family member may have their own login account. Parents and child together choose and set the time-limits within that child’s login account.

You can set each child’s time limits as appropriate to their age and need for restrictions on internet use. See below for recommended software to do this.

2. Limits on what you view and write

Installing and monitoring a keylogger makes this easy. Its an open, overt operation. Its not hidden so its not spying. See below for recommended software to do this.

By placing school-work as a higher priority, the family set up agreed times.

Then we use either Norton Online Family or Time Boss to keep us disciplined and honest to our commitment.

It’s not a restriction so much as a tool to help us be disciplined and to get real about study, much like an alarm clock helps us be disciplined.

Choose one …

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Use a Key-Logger

An additional way to foster educational use of your home computer is for all to agree to install a key-logger. This means there is nothing private on the computer. Screen-shots will be checked and all text typed will be recorded under each persons’ login. Once youth understand that all is public they will take greater care in all they see and say on the internet. This is very good.

Why use a Key-Logger?

How to keep communication smart

Youth will be on the short-list for their dream jobs in just a year or so. Future employers will check all things historically about their short-listed candidates in seconds using ways we have not even invented yet. Your youth won’t thank you for allowing them to post dumb comments in social media or PM. Don’t even dream that Private Messaging is private! Everything internet is public.

Tools to help your family be more aware of what they see and write.

Choose one …

[webphysiology_portfolio portfolio_type=keylogger]

Reduce ‘media clutter’ in the home

Agree 2 b tv-free

Choosing to be tv-free on weekdays can help family members focus on education by reducing ‘media clutter’. Alternatively, you could choose to have a tv-free school term, only bringing out the tv in the holidays. We have done both in our family.

Other types of keyloggers can be found at snapfiles freeware.

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Hank Ensing Husband and Father

Education is very important for our youth.

It means they will have more choices in a few years time. To help them stay focused on their school-work, I recommend frank and open disclosure on all that happens on your home computer.

It is wise to set boundaries on internet use as an aid to assist youth and children to a little time on social media and a lot more time on their education. Social media time can then be a reward for putting in the hard work of study.