One of our readers, Beverley in Baja Mexico, sent in this photo and the following ideas:

I live in Baja Mexico and we have water issues here and heavy duty sun so I am thinking this system will be a great way to keep my plants moist without losing a lot of water.

These are beautiful red plumeria tree seeds that i started over almost 2 months ago.
Again. You cut the bottle in half, drill a hole in the lid ( cut a medium size its easy to thread your chord through and to carry water to the center of your dirt)

thread the chord through the lid screw the lid back on……

take the other half of the bottle(the bottom of the bottle) and fill with water.

Take the half with the lid on it and scoop your soil-mix in it and plant your seed….then place it into the bottom half with the water…..You are just flipping the top of the bottle and placing it inside the bottom part of the bottle.

Its really so simple. Each bottle takes me 5 minutes to make…but once u get going its faster. I have made 13 in a half hour.

These are great for people with limited space…like a condo or an apartment
Let me know what u think…and the nice thing about these are you can keep reusing them over and over again and they are free.

If u are going to keep them in a really sunny area u want to either cover or black out the bottom with the water or eventually the sun will make the water turn green. Easy way to accomplish this plus warm up the soil for your seeds is to wrap the bottom with foil.

Beverley, Baja Mexico.