Some of the greatest gifts are not expensive. They are intangible. They are gifts of spirit.

Music can bring that. Here I share with you some of the best gifts of song and music that have uplifted me this year.

You can listen to them for free, and then if you choose, buy each online from LdsMusicNow at 99c each and give them to a friend for Christmas.

MP3 Album:

Gracias Dar


Wayne Burton

I listened to the song Gracias Dar and felt the wonderful spirit in this song even though he sings in Spanish. Listen to this song first.

MP3 Album:

I Believe You


Danielle Vaughn

My favorite song is Give said the little stream yet there are many others on the MP3 album as wonderful to hear.


Back In Blue


Vocal Point

My favorite song We all need saving is worth listening to 1st.

MP3 Album:

This Night


Alex Boye, Justin Smith, Wayne Burton

Listen for free to this, my favorite, song Wise Men Still Seek Him then you’ll want to hear it again and again.

Frugal gifts that can lift people’s hearts. Listen to the song I’ve listed from each MP3 Album.
MP3 Album: Spirit

Singer: Alex Boye

This song, Word of God Speaks, has a power and spirit that I like in our home. It’s a ‘must hear’ song even if you do not buy it from them for .99c.

MP3 Album: Earth Cinema

Singer: Sam Cardon

This is awesome, a soundscape atmosphere feeling song Earth Cinema that will bring a nice feeling into your room and home. I recommend it as a gift.

Listen for free. Not bad for 99c to give as a gift.

MP3 Album: You Know Better Than I

Singer: Jessie Clark Funk

I love the song One clear voice and recommend you listen to this for free even if you don’t buy it. This is the music I expected to be made in these special days.

I believe that these are appropriate gifts for Christmas. Listen to each one and see if you find them as wonderful as I do.