When it seemed that my pedal powered grain mill was a bit too hard to pedal around I asked Colin to gear it down by adding a smaller pulley to the Exercycle.

Now milling grain is much easier for everyone. Simply sit and pedal.

We made a pedal-powered grain mill using a used exercycle. We found that the 1:1 ratio made it difficult for some people to mill grain. This is how we geared it down to a 2:1 ratio.

First, I bought a smaller pulley. It is an A-Section V-Belt pulley to match the V-Belt I found to join the exercycle to the grain-mill pulley.

Colin Stutt, a good friend who is also an engineer, has a drill and steel mill. Above picture shows Colin drilling the holes in the right place. We lined up the pulley on the flywheel. Holes are already in the pulley so we only needed to drill three holes in the exercycle flywheel.

We drilled holes completely through the cast iron flywheel.

With holes lined up we inserted the bolts. Then we held the flywheel and pulley in the vice.

The bolts had to be the right way so the threaded shaft of the bolt did not extend into the path of the drive chain on the exercycle.

These bolts are in the wrong way around.

We removed it from the vice when all the nuts were tight. We used spring washers and flat washers.

Notice the bolts above do not cross the path of the chain from the sprocket that is part of the exercycle.

This is what it looks like before replacing on the exercycle. Colin has done an excellent job. I am most grateful.

We finally replaced the flywheel on the exercycle. The gearing works fine. Two turns on the pedals brings just one turn on the grain mill. It is nearly twice as easy to use the grain mill since gearing it 2:1 and now older people and children can use it with ease. I’m very happy with it.