Water for your plants

Bottle Drip Irrigation

It's time to water your plants frugally. You have two precious commodities. Water and your time. I fill my bottle drippers with the garden hose. This is quick and saves time. It reduces water loss via evaporation from the leaves. You can recycle plastic bottles. The...

Growing in containers

One of our readers, Beverley in Baja Mexico, sent in this photo and the following ideas: I live in Baja Mexico and we have water issues here and heavy duty sun so I am thinking this system will be a great way to keep my plants moist without losing a lot of water....

How to make basic PVC drip irrigation for your garden.

Here is a low-cost design for home garden irrigation. I am always looking for a better system to conserve my time and water, and this looks very good. PVC pipes can be collected from the recycle shop. Buy one or two when you find them at the recycle center. Collect...

Free irrigation for your garden using recycled materials

How to use recycled materials to irrigate your vegetable garden. I use old plant pots (the plastic pots that plants in which plants are sold). I have used drip irrigation using pots with holes in them for the past two summers. This has worked well for us. In the...

How to store food

Learn how to store grain using CO2.


Being prepared is a way of life. Learn what you need to do to be prepared with the basics.

Keep a kitchen garden

Grow your food and store a little every day through the harvest season.

Frugal Abundance

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.