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Composting toilet further reading

"Waterless and composting toilets are niche technologies, marketed to "ultra-green" consumers and those living in remote locations. Indeed, the recycling of grey water, even for non-potable uses such as watering landscapes, is still controversial in many places....

How to use a composting toilet

The previous post showed you how to make a composting toilet. In this post I show you how to use and maintain it. How to use and maintain a composting toilet is simple and essential for it to work properly. Teach your family how to use it. Here are the few basic...

2 Step compost

2 steps: Kitchen scraps to rich black compost The 2-Step compost system. Once-A-Day empty your Kitchen Scrap Bucket into the Compost Bucket. Once-A-Week empty your Compost Bucket into the Compost Box. Children can do it One of the children's jobs is to empty the...

Compost – How to make a compost bin

Used pallets can make excellent sides to a compost heap. The gaps between the slats let air in. The heap becomes very warm inside. I recommend having at least two compost bins. One active; the other for extracting mature compost. This is how to make a compost bin from...

How to make a composting toilet in 1 hour

I've improved the design of a composting toilet. This is now very simple and low cost. You can make one in an hour. There are only 4 items you need. You already have the toilet seat. It's on your toilet. I used a power drill and a jig-saw to cut the hole on the...

How to store food

Learn how to store grain using CO2.


Being prepared is a way of life. Learn what you need to do to be prepared with the basics.

Keep a kitchen garden

Grow your food and store a little every day through the harvest season.

Frugal Abundance

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.