Re-establish improved traditions with your family.
Can you simplify your Christmas gift giving?

Can you reduce the commercialism? Spend less? Give small gifts wrapped with love?

Discuss how you can enrich your Christmas by giving gifts of time and talent.
Spend less. Gift wrap with love.

Plan ahead for a frugal Christmas.

Seek out small items for the kids 72 hour kits.

Fill small containers with long lasting treats like dried fruit. Wrap them with love.

No Cash – No Splash

Our past stake president, Brother George Marsden often delivered the No cash – No splash message just before families brought christmas presents.

No Cash, No Dash. No Dash, No Splash. No Splash, No Crash.

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Before your spend, be committed to …

Presents to help them

You can give small presents to help your family.

Low-cost items for their 72 hour go-packs is one example.

Give small gifts; Low-cost; Useful. Like ‘go-kit’ items.

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Many small items for your family members’ 72 hour kits need not cost much. For family gifts, look at getting something that will double as a 72 hour Go-Pak item and can be used for camping.

Give home storage items, essential clothes or school supplies as gifts.

Asking each family member to make a wish-list has been so good for us. We do this for birthdays and will do it for this Christmas. The person does not know if they will get what they have listed, or who may give it to them. But they will get what they want rather than a lot of expensive gifts they’d rather not have. At FHE start your wish lists. Tell them the budget. i.e. $2 to $8 max.

Encourage them to list low-cost 72 hour kit items from this list or even food ration packs.

An attitude of gratitude

Give thanks to God for His gifts to you.

There is much for which to be thankful.

Be grateful

I am thankful for the angels.

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Here are some of the many things for which you might be grateful.

Although this is not set in New Zealand, it’s still very worthwhile for us to think about.

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