Wheat, rye, oats

How to store rice for years

Its time again to update your rice storage. Rice can be used in so many ways so its and ideal food to store and use. See that you store it up in patience, in trust in the Lord and in wisdom. Store up rice not in the panic or fear common to man. What is written on your...

How to dry your wheat

Sometimes, your wheat may need to be checked for moisture content. On a hot sunny day you can dry your wheat. I have dried my wheat on the trampoline in the sun. The summer breeze dried the grain in just a few hours. I've also poured wheat onto a tarp on the lounge...

How to eat your wheat – Daily

The simple trick is to cook 1/2 cup of wheat every day in a food thermos. I learned this simple way to get the family accustomed to eating whole wheat. Add a little cooked wheat as an ingredient to most meals. Especially breakfast. Start small. Put 1/2 cup of wheat in...

How to use dry ice to preserve food

Dry ice is ideal for purging oxygen out of containers of grain, thus making them inhospitable places for insects, grubs, weevil or other insects. Absence of oxygen improves shelf life of the food. Replace oxygen with CO2 (dry ice). Use this presentation below with...

How to store wheat in dry ice

I think that storing grain using dry ice, CO2, is the easiest method to preserve wheat. I have stored 4 or 5 sacks of grain by myself but it's easier with two or more people working together. Dry ice is carbon dioxide frozen solid. It is low-cost, easy to obtain and...

Food Storage Containers

Some of the best food storage containers are the 10 litre and 15 liter Space-Savers. They are ideal for storing grain and bulk food. Buy them 2nd Hand from fruit pie makers across New Zealand. They are rodent resistant, food quality plastic that should survive a bump...

How to store food

Learn how to store grain using CO2.


Being prepared is a way of life. Learn what you need to do to be prepared with the basics.

Keep a kitchen garden

Grow your food and store a little every day through the harvest season.

Frugal Abundance

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.