Some of the best food storage containers are the 10 litre and 15 liter Space-Savers. They are ideal for storing grain and bulk food. Buy them 2nd Hand from fruit pie makers across New Zealand.

They are rodent resistant, food quality plastic that should survive a bump in an earthquake.

They have been used for fruit pie filling and have been washed out. They may need an extra wipe with a damp cloth before refilling with food.

The Space-Savers are very economical on space.

Which size is best?

That depends upon how strong you are.

The 15 L containers, when full of grain are about 13kg.
That’s not too heavy for most people to carry around the house. If you prefer, the 10 litre Space-Savers are also available.

The 10 Litre Space-Saver will be lighter, and shorter.

There are two types of lids. Some of them have the lid that comes off easily. It has a large rubber-ring seal.

Others have the type of lid that requires some strength to remove. One sister uses a paint pale opener to open these lids more easily.

These are better for long-term food storage.

How to open the non-seal lids easily

Older people and children will find the Space-Savers easy to open if they have the type of lid that has a seal. The lid without the seal is harder to open. However, the fruit pie makers have a special tool for removing these space-saver lids that makes it a little easier for one type of lid.

Economical food storage

This is what they look like stacked one upon another.

15 Litre Space-Saver & lid are just a few dollars.