Your next family home evening could include a short preparedness activity.

Plan to have everyone’s Go-Pak available. Open your Go-Paks and see what is inside.

As each family member notices something missing from their Go-pak, write it down and buy it for your next family home evening when they each can add it to their pack.

This is a 6 minute Go-Pak activity. Go-Paks (or 72 Hour Getaway Kits) can be part of weekly Family Home Evening. One great way to get your Go-Paks ready is to play the FHE game “What have you got in your bucket”?

Go-Kits can be in water-proof seal-able plastic buckets, or in any bag or pack that you choose.

Above: Hometeacher Brother Howard Clifton shows the family what’s in his Go-Pak.

Every week at Family Home Evening, family members can bring their Go-Paks. Sing the song “What have you got in Your Bucket”? and pull out an item from your Go-Pak each time. Every member of the family has a turn.

Parents may add a new item to each Go-Pak during the week. On Monday night it will be a surprise. 🙂

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