One of the most important controls on a grain mill is that for coarse and fine control. It is essential for continuous milling for a recipe that you want to remain the same each time.
My grain mill has an easy robust coarse and fine control can be adjusted single-handily. I can also have complete control of the fineness of the flour.

To achieve this you need precision in you’re the design of your grain mill. Your best solution is to ensure that the millstones remain in an exact parallel position to each other during the whole life-span of the mill. This mill does not use any conventional synthetic threads but only a lifting and lowering system of the millstone to change the degree of refinement. I chose it because of this design. It was the best mill design I could find.

The raising and lowering is well thought-out. The wear adjustment is natural and was adapted from vehicle clutch technology. This design is the basis for the manufacture’s guarantee of fine flour even after decades of use.
I have used several of their mills, all with this same superior design. I recommend this design in an electric mill. It means even fine flour all the time.

Selection of each degree of refinement is infinite and can be adjusted single-handily even during the milling process. You can see more about this mill at the maker’s website.

Also, to get one of the mills they make, you can buy them from their website.

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