I’m germinating my vege seeds in a simple bamboo cloche. I used about 8 pieces of bamboo and some string to lash it.

I put my seeds in small pots. The pots are raised up off the ground to deter slugs.

Then I draped two short plastic sheets over it.

Much of my seed has not germinated yet. I don’t know why. Notice how I use rag strips to lash the bamboo to the 15mm diameter black alkathine pipe? No need to buy string. I use rags for all my plant ties.

The beefsteak tomato seed I saved form last year is growing up.

The leeks also like it in the cloche. I am sowing new seed almost every day now. Just a few seeds in one pot each day.

I may have to buy seeds if my saved seeds do not germinate. This is unusual. They usually grow.

What can I sow this month?

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