Immediately after a calamity has occurred you may have major casualties to manage. This post is about stitching up wounds.

To stitch up an open wound you’ll need a suture set. The Survival Rip Kit is for such emergency suturing (i.e. stitching up) of open wounds when you are far from an emergency center or in case of civil emergency when normal medical services break down.

You’ll need a suture needle. They come with thread attached. I prefer the absorbable suture thread. You do not have to remove it afterwards. It just dissolves.

They are carried by trampers. Often ideal for trampers and wilderness campers who encounter dangerous terrain and need self-reliance in medical care.

I don’t use surgical gloves. I simply scrub up and make sure my hands are very hygienic. However, I’ve only stitched up myself and my farm livestock. I use vetadine, from RD1, to keep the operation area sterile.

Here is a photo of my Rip Kit. I make these up so if you want one, and live in New Zealand, contact me. I will make one up for you.

Bush-bound pig hunters carry these to save their dogs after they are torn by a wild boar.

There are only two in the kits I create. This means, if your operation is not worth $32, then do not use one. You can only get 2 ops out of each kit,and the kit costs $62.50 + between $3 to $5 shipping in New Zealand. Consider getting the person to a doctor first. If it is an animal casualty, consider the cost of your livestock and the cost of getting the vet. Pig dogs can be worth around $900, sheep $120 and cattle over $1000. In these cases it can be worthwhile.

The Survival Rip Kit is vital for family emergency first aid kits so they can patch up members after disasters which render normal medical services out of commission.

I recommend you buy 500ml of Vetadine or iodine to be used in conjunction with the Survival Rip Kit. I used mine in a farming situation to stitch up a ewe after shearing. I used needle nose pliers in adverse conditions (rain) in a mucky pen and still saved my livestock. It healed in 14 days.


2 x Sutures Vicryl Rapide (polyglactin 910) Sutures, Undyed, Braided, Synthetic Absorbable Sutures. Non-U.S.P. Sterile. 3-0 70cm tread. Needle taper SH 26mm. Ethicon.

The kit contains: 2 x Propax wound dressings Packs with gauze balls; 2 x Suture Vicryl rapide 3/0; 1 x tweezer.

No remedy is promised. No solution is promised or implied.

Products are sterile and designed for use on humans, but the needle is strong enough for many parts of pets and farm animals. For tough skinned animals you may need to use needle nosed pliers rather than tweezers. For use by highly skilled and qualified farmers, vets, doctors, trampers and pig hunters.

I keep at least six of these in my family first aid kit. But I live on a farm where I will probably use them on animals, eventually.

If you think you are brave enough to use one, then you’ll also need 500 ml of vetadine or iodine and a pair of needle nose pliers. You’d be surprised how hard it can be to pull a slippery needle through flesh.

This post will not cover how to use the suture set. Learn about cleaning the wound and suturing elsewhere. I recommend using steri-strips to hold small wounds together until you can find a doctor. Applying steri-strips is a medical micro-skill of high value. Jenny, my lovely wife is so skilled and talented at applying steri-strips. I think she always does a better job than most medical professionals I have seen do this.

This month, check on your first aid kit and make a decision about having a suture set. Hopefully you’ll never use it. You could think of it as basic medical insurance.