Here’s a process I use to make storing food an organized operation.
1. Begin with a meal plan for 7 days.

2. Calculate the amount you need of each ingredient.

3. Calculate how much you need of each ingredient for 3 months (or longer, perhaps 1 year). You might like to use this food calculator to do this.

4. Buy the food.

5. Date the food. Write the month and year on all food. Our children have always helped with this. We use a garden marker.

6. Store each ingredient all in the same place. Avoid having the same ingredient in two places. This makes it difficult to rotate. Assign a fixed area for each ingredient. e.g. A shelf or cupboard. Make sure it is the size that will hold all the food for say 3 months. This is Dedicated Area Home Storage.

Dedicated Area Home Storage – ( or DAHS) is when you dedicate an area to one ingredient. e.g. rice. As the food is used an empty space remains. Do not full it with other ingredients. The empty space serves an essential purpose. It is a clear indicator of how much of that ingredient you need to buy. It is like a tally or shopping list. It is accurate. Use this to make your shopping list. It will always give you an accurate amount to buy. Then keep that shelf full. Do not buy more than fits on that shelf. Keep a dedicated area for every food storage ingredient.

7. Store newest food at the back.
8. Use oldest food first.
9. Cook meals as you planned to ensure that you use your food storage. If you do not use ingredients as planned, you may waste your investment as food gets older and older until it cannot be used. Rotating food means eating the oldest and adding new food at the back.

10. Make your shopping list by briefly inspecting each ingredient shelf. You’ll see how empty the shelf is. Buy just enough to refill it. No need to ever do a food storage audit. Simply keep the shelf dedicated to that particular ingredient. Don’t fill the empty space with anything else. There’s a bit of unused shelf space in this method, but it sure beats having to do a food storage audit. Agree to always check each shelf before you go shopping and always shop from this list. Get your whole family to buy into this system.

Why you need Dedicated Area Food Storage

Sister Jessica Adlard explains how she has managed to store away food for her family which will keep them for 12 months through unemployment, sickness, disaster or any economic downturn. Sister Adlard explains:

You can also use the Six Easy Steps system to store up some food for three months for your family.