We do not have to buy yeast. Yeast are free. We can catch them. Yeast are in the air. They can be easily caught resting on grape skins.

You can capture and use that white dusty yeast and cultivate it as a sourdough starter to make bread.

Capture a wild yeast from grapes

The yeast responsible for fermenting the sugars in the fruits are usually present in grape skins. 1

You can capture this yeast and cultivate it. It will last for an indefinite period.

You will need to feed every few days it or it will die.

How to make sour dough starter

Here are the two steps to making the sour dough starter.

Of the many Youtube videos of how to make a sourdough starter, these two seemed to be rather simple and clearly explained.

See the two steps below.

The two steps

Two simple steps to making sour dough starter, well explained.

Step 1

Step 2

Your sour dough starter may look like this after 4 – 7 days.

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