Make your canned food dispenser. If you are a skilled at woodwork, you could make these for others and sell them.

Make your Food Can Dispenser using this free plan.
Download plans for the Food-Can-Dispenser
The most flexible plans you can get to build your own food-can-dispenser. This plan is so flexible it will allow you to cater for any sized cans using timber thicknesses from around the world.

1. Decide what sized cans you will store. Cans must all be the same diameter. Cans can be different heights.

2. Decide approximately how high you want your can dispenser.
3. Calculate the shelf height and shelf depth.
4. Build your Book-shelf-can-dispenser to a size of your choice. Thickness of shelf timber will influence your final specifications.

Download plans for the Food-Can-Dispenser

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