The simple trick is to cook 1/2 cup of wheat every day in a food thermos.

I learned this simple way to get the family accustomed to eating whole wheat. Add a little cooked wheat as an ingredient to most meals. Especially breakfast.

Start small. Put 1/2 cup of wheat in a food thermos. Top up with boiling water. In 8 hours, drain the freshly cooked wheat a colander. Store in the fridge.

A basic step in frugal healthy living

To cook whole grain in a food thermos is perhaps the most basic step to frugal, healthy living. It is life sustaining and healthy. It takes seconds to prepare.

It’s ideal for busy people. It is the staff of life. I recommend you make this routine a part of your daily life.

Cook wheat overnight in a food thermos

This saves money as you’ll use less electricity to cook your food.

Where to get a food thermos

Garage sales often have wide mouth thermos flasks for about $4.

There are often several for this price at Russel’s Recycling AKA the dump shop.

Briscos, The Warehouse and other similar stores sell wide mouth thermos flasks for $25. Although the best are stainless steel, you’ll have to preheat your thermos flask if it is not the cheaper plastic type.


Pour boiling water into the flask before using to heat the steel. Takes 10 seconds.

When you want to cook more than just grain

Cooking grain in a thermos is a basic, essential element of frugal living. It is simple and you can use a cheap plastic food thermos.
If you want to cook other meals you should first look at these websites for more skills.
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Photos: This is my breakfast, at home, with Jenny’s bottled apple off our fruit tree. Kool.