Garden Design

How to plan and build a small garden

Potatoes in a container

You can make the inside pot by cutting up a normal pot. Start with two pots the same size. Cut the inside pot to allow access for harvesting. Great idea for gardening in small spaces.

Walk-in Gardens extend the growing season

Extending Our Growing Season I believe that every house, South of Auckland, New Zealand, should have such a garden. Bold statement yet it would create self-reliance to nearly 2.8 million people. You man not be from New Zealand, but for those who are, if you live south...

Extend growing season

Build your own hoop garden to extend the growing season. Protect your vegetable plants from frost and snow. Grow vegetables all year round. Best Instructions Here is a PDF document withe the best instructions I have found on how to build a cloche. Hoop support I use...

Climbing trellis

Some of your plants will like to climb. This is one way to make a trellis, almost for free. A most helpful climbing trellis is that made with bamboo, wire and spacers. Photo byLaura Fitch. I cut some light hose into short segments; each as long as the space between...

Primary Activity for Children – Make a garden

One really good way to get parents motivated to build gardens is to hold a primary activity where the little children need to bring along their fathers. With building materials ready-cut to size, each father helps their child to build a box garden. They take home the...

Micro gardens

If you have just a small place to grow your vegetables you might try a micro-garden. They can be as small as a single pot-plant on a window sill. Smallest gardens can be most productive Small areas around flats can be some of the most productive food producing areas...

Design your garden playground

These advantages of raised bed gardening are for you, your plants and your littlies. Children are less likely to stand on your garden, more likely to help. They'll see the boundaries. For the garden; reduced soil compaction, increased productivity in the same area,...

Suburban edible landscape around the home

Have you thought of converting more of your lawn into an edible landscape? By gardening your land intensively you can produce high quality food to feed your family. The food is immune to the economic uncertainly of our day. See how one man makes the change and hear...

My Subversive (garden) Plot

I watched a most engaging YouTube by Roger Doiron called My subversive (garden) plot. You can see it here. Its not my way of saying things, so I provide a link to the video rather than embedding it. It is an inspiring message you might enjoy. To view it, select one of...

Make a bamboo cloche

I'm germinating my vege seeds in a simple bamboo cloche. I used about 8 pieces of bamboo and some string to lash it. I put my seeds in small pots. The pots are raised up off the ground to deter slugs. Then I draped two short plastic sheets over it. Much of my seed has...

How to store food

Learn how to store grain using CO2.


Being prepared is a way of life. Learn what you need to do to be prepared with the basics.

Keep a kitchen garden

Grow your food and store a little every day through the harvest season.

Frugal Abundance

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.