I’ve been using Sister Keung’s easy method of calculating how much food I need to store. I’ve tweaked it to suit me. Using this simple spreadsheet you can enter the different ingredients in a meal. Enter the amounts you need for that meal. Then enter how many times you plan to have this meal within two weeks. You’ll immediately see how much you need to store for the length of time you choose.
Download this food storage calculator here.
food storage calculator
Download this XL spreadsheet and work out your food storage the simple way.

  • Plan 14 meals for your family.
  • Enter the ingredients into the XL spreadsheet.
  • Create a new worksheet for each meal.
  • Plan to store what you eat this easy way.

food storage calculator
Plan to eat the same 14 meals every two weeks. Repeat the meal cycle and know in advance what you will be cooking for meals. Buy to your plan. Cook to your plan. We change our diet in each season so our winter meals are different than our spring and summer meals. This allows for variety.

I’ve already made several changes and included these in version 2.0. Please send ideas how to improve this resource. Tell me below…