When food come in cans, a can dispenser makes it possible to rotate your cans of food, always using the oldest first.

Learn how to make them.

There are three designs.

Consider three types of canned food dispensers: book-shelf, box and gravity fed.
Book-Shelf can dispenser

Of all three designs, the book-shelf is the most basic, narrowest, and is easy to draw plans and build.

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I prefer this design. The cans slide horizontally along the shelf. As you add a new can of food, the new can slides all the other cans along.

Children are so intrigued by gravity fed can dispensers that they played with them and cans were always out of order. That defeated the goal of using the old cans first. Children don’t play with our Book-Shelf side can dispenser.

My teens kept tripping on the protruding exit feed on the gravity fed can dispenser, so I sawed off the part that sticks out. Then I turned it sideways. Now it takes up less room. It fits into a narrow passageway.

See another post with photos of this design.

Box can dispenser

The Box can dispenser carries more cans. It is deeper.

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Box can dispenser

Richard Aitcheson and Howard Strother of Grandview Ward in Hamilton each use a box-type system for rotating their families’ cans of food.

Using Howard Strother’s design, Richard Aitcheson led the whole quorum make one each for their families. Download Howard’s plans [a small 273 kb PDF]for this can dispenser and build them with your quorum. We did!

The gravity fed can dispenser

This fun can dispenser is gravity fed. You add new cans in the top. Take cans from the bottom.

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canned food dispenser

Grant Thompson of Pukekohe Ward has worked on solving the problem of rotating canned food. He has great ideas.

canned food dispenser

Cans of older food used to get left at the back of the shelf. Richard Aitcheson of Grandview Ward has designed a can dispenser that works well too. Grant’s design has led to him making more than one model. A 108 can dispenser and a small 48 can dispenser (Approx NZD $75 each).

canned food dispenser

Grant’s father, Neville Thompson, also has an interest in making can dispensers. However, Grant has produced two beauties. They hug the wall. Take up little space.

canned food dispenser

Grant’s small model takes 48 cans.

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canned food dispenser

It is easy to see what is in the cans.

canned food dispenser

You can remove a can from the bottom.

canned food dispenser

It is a gravity fed system. This model stores 108 cans.

canned food dispenser

You could make your own, however, Grant’s storage furniture does look great and would save you time. If you have an improvement on this design, please contact me.

This is not a commercial site, so you cannot buy anything here. However, I’ll point you to his website so you can contact him. He is set up to send a pallet-load of 5 can-dispensers anywhere in NZ. So it’s best if the Ward Welfare Specialist has five interested families before making an order.

Supplier: Noah’s Pantry Craftsman: Brother Grant Thompson Ships: NZ wide Models Available: Two models – 48C and 108C.

Larger Can Rotators

Here are home-made can rotators stacked up high.

Make this small food can rotator for your pantry.