Food for your 72 Hour Kit

Photo by Julius Hibbert

This is the best choice for 72 hour packs I could find in NZ.

Its also a way of raising money for the Humanitarian Relief Fund. You can buy them on this website and all profit goes directly to the Humanitarian Relief Fund. They are two-serves. Ten two-serves per family box. That’s 20 meals. Just add hot water. All items below are about these food paks.

Food-Paks Video

A video filmed on location in New Zealand demonstrating how simple it is for kiwi kids to cook these food packs. See the video.

What You Get

When you order a family Ten-Pak, this is what you will get. The food is delicious and new. Lasts for years.


See where your money will go. You get your product at cost and learn how everything else goes to the Humanitarian Relief Fund. Cost details are here.


Place an order for your Family-Pack of 72 Hour meals. Pay later and order your preferred selection of meals here.

That which is above cost price plus shipping goes to the Humanitarian Relief Fund after tax is paid. 100% of profit after tax goes to the Humanitarian Relief Fund of Latter-day Saint Charities. I do not charge for any of my services as this is what I can give to the Humanitarian Relief Fund